Bike & E-bike Rental Koblenz & Lahnstein

Rental Bikes & E-Bikes

We have about 150 bikes (of which about 100 eBikes, with 500 watt batteries) in rental. The following pictures are only a small selection.

E-bike Low Entry 40 Nm

Ideal for tours from Lahnstein or Koblenz on the cycle paths along the Rhine, Lahn and Moselle.


1 Day 36 € / Day
2 - 3 Days 33 € / Day
4 - 6 Days 30 € / Day
7 Days 28 € / Day

eMountainbike / eMTB 70 Nm

For tours in the low mountain ranges, Taunus, Westerwald, Hunsrück, Eifel around Koblenz.


1 Day 42 € / Day
2 - 4 Days 38 € / Day
4 - 6 Days 34 € / Day
7 Days 30 € / Day

Children eMTB / Mountainbike

We also have e-mountain bikes in various sizes for children.


1 Day 42 € / Day
2 - 4 Days 38 € / Day
4 - 6 Days 34 € / Day
7 Days 30 € / Day

Classic bicycle

Standard bicycles in different sizes for the whole family.


Women's Bike 16 € / Day
Men's Bike 16 € / Day
Children's Bike 16 € / Day


Baby Seat 8 € / Day
Saddlebags (waterproof) 3,50 € / Day
Helmet, Basket, Lock free
Trailer or Bicycle Follower 10,00 € / Day - Only in connection with an eBike and a minimum duration of 5 days.

* Deposit for bikes 20 – 50 €

* Deposit for e-bikes (pedelec) 150 €

Request A Booking Now Without Obligation

Anfrage Fahrrad englisch
Please select the number of bikes and after that enter the body size of each person, so we can reserve the correct bike size:

Desired accessory

Bicycle Reservation

Step 1

First of all, please send us your complete address including your mobile number by e-mail or through the contact form. Thus, we have the possibility to contact you in case of queries and to take over the address data into the rental contract if necessary later. A reservation is possible by paying a deposit of 30% of the rental price. The deposit is at the same time the cancellation fee in case of non-arrival.

We will send you our bank contact details with the order confirmation. You pay the difference and the deposit on site with your EC or credit card. Cash payments are only possible in exceptional cases and after prior arrangement.

Step 2

We need the following additional information from you.

  • Which bikes: eBikes or classic bikes?
  • Your body size: to determine the frame height
  • Style: ladies or men’s bike?
  • Date of pickup and return: where do you pick up the bikes and where do you return the bikes?

Possibilities for pickup and return

Option 1: Pick up and return at the rental station

You pay the difference to your deposit and the deposit on the spot and get the deposit back in cash when you return the bike properly.

Option 2:  Delivery to Koblenz and return at train station Koblenz or rental station

Delivery to the Koblenz main station, Theater Koblenz Deinhardplatz and to the hotels in the city center is possible on request. The price for delivery depends on the rental period and the number of bikes.

Deliveries to Koblenz will be difficult or impossible in 2024 due to construction sites and bridge closures in and around Koblenz.

For groups and several days rental from four days, please inquire by phone. +49 162 219 07 60

  • With German Rail you can travel from Koblenz to Oberlahnstein in a few minutes to the rental station.
  • Possible entry points, Koblenz, main train station or Löhr-Center – (shopping center) in the city.
  • Get off at the train station, Oberlahnstein. From here it is only 200 m to the bike rental.

Option 3: Pick up at the rental station and return at another location, e.g. in Trier.

You pay the difference to your deposit and the deposit on the spot and get the deposit back to your account upon proper return. Please note that your hotel has a lockable bike cellar and reception is staffed during the day.
After the bikes have been picked up 1-2 days later in Trier by a transport company and have been checked for possible damage, we will transfer the deposit to your account.

Payment And Return Of The Bikes

Payment is usually made including the deposit with your EC card. Cash payments are only possible in exceptional cases and after prior arrangement. You will receive a receipt as SMS on your mobile phone.

The repayment of the deposit is also made via our card payment system. You will again receive an SMS as a receipt for the repayment of the deposit. The repayment is the same as a normal bank transfer. Although the receipt for the repayment is sent to you immediately upon return, it usually takes 1 to 3 days, depending on the banking association, until the deposit is actually back in your account.

The bikes are taken back by us personally in the rental station. Usually the waiting time is not longer than 15 minutes. Since most customers return the bikes between 16:00 and 19:00, there may be an overlap. A corresponding waiting time of the customer is always to be calculated.

If there is no one on site at the rental station, we may transport bikes back from hotels in the vicinity. In this case please call us.

Please call only when you are actually on site at the rental station or your hotel.

Mobile +49 (0) 162 219 07 60

Important: Please do not call ahead of arrival!!!

If it is not possible for us to be at the rental station or your hotel in a timely manner:

1. inform me by phone.
2. secure the bikes against theft and attach a note with your name to the bikes.
3. throw the keys in the mailbox or hand them in at the reception.
4. please think of additional things like the repair kit.

Regulation In Case Of Flat Tire And Theft

Damage caused by wear and tear on the bike during the rental period will be borne by Burg & Bike.

Since we have no influence on whether you ride through shards, thorns, etc., punctures are excluded. In case of damage we charge 10,00 € for the repair.

You can get a replacement bike in case of damage at the rental station. You have the possibility to borrow a repair kit free of charge before you start your ride. Please check the functionality of the bike and the tire tread before you start your ride.

In case of theft the renter is liable for 350,00 € per bike.

E-bikes are insured up to an own contribution of 150,00 € per eBike.

Behavior In Case Of A Flat Tire

1. check if you can fix the puncture by means of the repair kit.

2. if this is not the case, please call us. We will then try to help you. This means we will tell you in which place the next station is, when the next train leaves or how you can best get back to the rental station.

For example, if you have a flat tire during a day trip on the Lahn, take the train to Niederlahnstein station. We will pick you up there so you don’t have to push the bike all over town. This is a pure service and in no case an obligation on our part.

3. repair costs of bicycle repair shops are not covered.

4. if you make a multi-day trip to the Mosel, there is usually the possibility of a partner company to have a replacement bike delivered to your hotel the next morning. This is also a service and not an

We always try to resolve your inconvenience as soon as possible.

This statement serves to explain the GTC’s to you in essence.

For us and for you only the GTC’s of Burg & Bike are binding.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Bike Rental

Most of the bikes are so-called city bikes, or ladies bikes with low entry and 7-speed hub gears. However, we also have high-quality trekking bikes for rent.

After receiving your order by e-mail, you will receive our bank details. Thereupon you transfer the deposit. The remaining amount you pay on site with your EC card. You will receive a receipt as SMS on your mobile phone. Cash payments are only possible in exceptional cases.

For guests from overseas and non-EU countries there is also the possibility to pay via PayPal.

There is no direct connection between Frankfurt and Trier, all trains go via Koblenz. While you change trains in Koblenz, you can take the bikes. There are a variety of offers and special prices of the Deutsche Bahn. These are usually much cheaper than the regular prices of Deutsche Bahn. Look under Tickets & Offers.

Due to the high organizational effort, deliveries to Trier, Mainz or other locations are not possible until further notice. Return is still possible.

We have a daily transfer to Trier, so the return transport from there, or from places along the Moselle is very cheap.

From Mainz and other places the price is on request.

Important: Drop off the bikes in Trier:

You need to book a hotel in Trier where there is a possibility to leave the bikes in a bike room.


You pay the rental price and the deposit of 50,- € per bike with EC card. A receipt will be sent to your mobile phone immediately. After we have picked up the bikes in Trier and checked them for possible damages, you will receive another SMS on your mobile phone that we have transferred your deposit back to your bank account. (In case of damage - minus the material costs according to the original invoice).

Yes, it's possible if the agreed day of return is a Sunday.

The cheapest option is the Rhineland-Palatinate ticket of the railroad. Please click here: Rheinland-Pfalz Ticket

By telephone arrangement. From about 18:00.

By paying a deposit of 30% of the rental price.

The deposit also corresponds to the cancellation fees.

The deposit is at the same time the cancellation fees. But at least 20,00 €. Reservations without deposit are not possible.

We have about 50 bikes in our rental program and are only completely booked on a few days.

Tell us the number of bikes and the rental period. We will make you an individual offer.

By bus:

You drive from Hahn Airport to Koblenz. From there it is best to take a cab.

Please click here: Fahrplan

Bicycle Tours With Our Rental Bikes

You are planning a bike tour on the Rhine, Lahn or Moselle?

We organize your bike tour for you. Just tell us the starting point and destination, the planned mileage and the desired accommodation. (Camping, inn, guesthouse, hotel) We will reserve your accommodation, take care of your rental bike and luggage transport. Or would you prefer to cycle on your own? Then we will provide you with your rental bike, luggage bags and maps and then you can start cycling. In advance you can orientate yourself with our route suggestions.

Explore the cycle paths along the Moselle, Rhine and Lahn. We are happy to assist you in planning your bike trip / or day tour. Our bikes, eBikes / Pedelecs, and eMountainbikes / eMTB’s are suitable for multi-day tours as well as for day tours.

Our bicycle tour classic:

  • Moselle tour from Koblenz to Trier
  • Rhine tour from Koblenz to Mainz
  • Lahn tour from the source to the estuary

Plan your unforgettable vacation in the Rhine, Moselle & Lahn region today!

Inquire now without obligation