GTC's eBike Touring

General Rental Conditions for eBikes

1. Contractual Partner

Contractual partners are the renter and the company eBike-Touring, Harro Westermann, Josef-Görres-Platz 2, 56068 Koblenz, hereinafter referred to as “the lessor”.

2. Duration of the Contract

The rental relationship for the rental object is concluded for a definite period of time. If there is a delay in the return, no extension of the lease agreement shall take place. If the Lessee fails to return the leased property to the Lessor at the end of the agreed lease term, even if the Lessor is not at fault, the Lessor shall be entitled to demand compensation for the duration of the failure to return the leased property in the amount of at least one full day’s rent for each day or part thereof.

3. Obligations of the Lessor

The Lessor provides the Lessee with the pedelec in a professional, usable and roadworthy condition.

4. Duties of the Lessee

4.1 Use by the Lessee

The lessee is obliged to use the pedelec carefully and professionally, as well as to observe the road traffic regulations. The renter is prohibited to use the pedelec under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The transportation of passengers is prohibited. Luggage bags or similar can be attached by the renter at his own risk. The permissible total weight of the pedelec must not be exceeded.

4.2 Operational Safety

The Lessee shall assure himself/herself of the operational safety of the pedelec before the start of the ride and shall report any defects without delay. Any complaints must be noted in writing in the rental contract. The renter remains responsible for the operational safety of the rental object during the entire rental period. If the operational safety is impaired – whether through fault or not – the Lessee may not continue to use the leased property. If the operational safety is no longer guaranteed, the Lessee must return the rental object to the Lessor on his own initiative or visit the nearest specialist workshop on his own initiative.

4.3 Payment

The Lessee is obliged to pay the total rental price plus the deposit in advance upon conclusion of the contract.

4.4 Obligation to Notify

Should damage occur during use, whether due to fault or not, the Lessee shall notify the Lessor thereof without delay. In doing so, the Lessee shall be obliged to report all details of the damage to the Lessor.

4.5 Duty to report theft and accidents

In the event of theft or traffic accident, the Lessee must immediately call the police and inform the Lessor.

4.6 Return

The renter is obligated to return the pedelec after termination of the rental contract in the same condition in which it was handed over to him/her, except for the usual contamination.

5. Liability of the Rental Firm

A liability of the lessor for property damage and personal injury is hereby expressly excluded.

6. Liability of the Lessee

The lessee is liable to the lessor for damages caused during the rental period in the amount of up to 150 €. In case of higher damages, up to the destruction of the pedelec, the renter is obligated to provide information to the insurance of the lessor, otherwise the liability is measured at the current price of the pedelec. In case of theft, the renter is liable for up to 150 €. The pedelec must be in the time of 22 clock to 6 clock in a locked room, otherwise the liability is measured by the current price of the pedelec.

7. General provisions and applicable law

7.1 The contract is subject to the written form 

Changes or additions require the written form. Verbal side agreements do not exist.

7.2 Choice of law and place of jurisdiction

The provisions of this contract shall be governed by German law. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from or concerning this contract shall be Koblenz.

For eBikes, the general terms and conditions of the company eBike Touring apply. Contractual partners for eBike rental are the renter and the company eßike-Touring, owner Harro Westermann, Josef-GörresPlatz 2, 56068 Koblenz.

Burg & Bike is only responsible for the issue and payment processing. In case of damage to an eBike, accident, theft, etc., only the company eBike Touring is responsible for processing.