General terms and conditions of Burg & Bike

Item 1 to 9 refers to bike rentals and guided bike tours.

From item 10 you can see the terms and conditions for our guest house / vacation apartment.

1. Registration:

With your registration you enable us to conclude a service contract on the basis of the binding service description and prices mentioned. Registration can be made by phone or in writing (by letter, or e-mail). The contract is concluded by our booking confirmation. The applicant is also responsible for the contractual obligations of all persons listed in the application.

2. Payment:

The rental price is to be paid on site, unless other arrangements have been made in individual cases.

3. Services:

Decisive with regard to dates, prices, etc. is solely the content of the booking confirmation in conjunction with the booking and other agreements made. The service of Burg & Bike consists only in the provision of bicycles and tour guide. Castle tours, wine tasting, etc. are not part of the service of Burg & Bike. The tours can be arranged so that you can take advantage of these additional offers during your breaks.

4. Contract Withdrawal:

If the required minimum number of 3 participants is not reached by the registration deadline, we can withdraw from the contract.

5. Trip Cancellation:

You can cancel at any time before the start of the tour. Please declare the cancellation in writing. Due to our expenses, the following cancellation fees will apply:

If you do not start the tour, we will keep the deposit as an expense allowance. We will offer you an alternative date up to 2 days before the scheduled tour if you are unable to attend. The deposit will then be offset against the alternative date.

6. Withdrawal By The Organizer:

If the advertised minimum number of participants is not reached, we are entitled to cancel the tour up to 7 days before the start of the tour. The deposit paid will be returned to you immediately. There are no further claims.

7. Liability Of The Organizer:

Our mountain bike tours are associated with increased risks. Therefore, the customer participates in our tours at his own risk. We as the organizer are entitled to exclude participants from the tour due to technical defects of their sports equipment or in case of grossly negligent behavior.

8. Liability On Rental Bikes:

The customer is liable for any damage or loss of the rental bikes. A corresponding rental contract with the rental company must be signed before the start of the tour. The customer also undertakes with his signature, or the takeover to drive only on the roads approved by the organizer.

8.1 Rental Period

The renter is obliged to return the rental bikes / helmets / locks at the time agreed in the rental contract. Extensions are possible only in consultation with the owner. In case of unauthorized extension, the regular rental fee will be charged in any case; in case of cancellation, the renter may also be required to pay for any loss incurred as a result.

8.2 Handover of the rental object to third parties

The renter is the person named in the contract. In principle, only this person is authorized to use the device in accordance with the contract. If the renter hands over the rental object to a third party, he is basically liable for damages caused to the rental object by the third party. This also applies to consequential damages.

8.3 Return of the rental object

The rental object(s) according to the rental agreement must be returned complete and with the equipment upon handover of the rental object. The rental object must be returned in proper condition, any functional and other defects must be pointed out by the renter.

8.4 Damage to the rental object, duty to notify and liability

The renter is obliged to notify the owner of any damage that has occurred. These are repaired or if necessary also a replacement object is handed over. Damages resulting from an accident or mishap of the renter are at the expense of the renter.

Wear and tear, fatigue, aging: The renter is not liable for the normal wear and tear, fatigue, aging, etc. on the rented property.

Accidents: In the event of an accident in which the rented property suffers damage, the renter is obliged in any case, even in the case of minor damage, to have the police record the course of the accident.

In the event of a defect in the rented object after the start of the journey, the renter is entitled to a replacement. Flat tires are excluded. 

Costs for punctures must be borne by the tenant.

Replacements are supplied free of charge in case of wear, fatigue, aging, etc. within a radius of 5 road kilometers.

As a rule, transportation is provided by cab or company car.

If you are further than 5 road kilometers from the rental station, you are still entitled to a replacement item, but only by picking it up at the rental station.

Costs for the delivery of a replacement object if you are further than 5 road kilometers away from the rental station are at the expense of the renter and can at most be covered by the owner as a gesture of goodwill.

However, there is no claim to the assumption of costs for the delivery.

The renter is also not entitled to compensation for lost vacation enjoyment, costs for train, bus or cab rides or similar.

The renter undertakes to return the rented object to the lending station at his own expense in any case.

In case of self-inflicted accidents, the renter is generally liable for damages to the rented property and consequential damages resulting therefrom; in case of damages caused by third parties, the causer is liable for damages and consequential damages; therefore, in order to clarify questions of guilt at a later date, the course of events leading to the accident must be recorded.

Other damages: The renter is liable in particular for damages caused negligently and wantonly and for damages resulting from the violation of the rental conditions (see in particular prohibitions/duties). This also includes consequential damages.

Damages in case of several renters: Accordingly, the above conditions also apply if damages are caused by events in which several renters are involved, regardless of whether the renters are in a group or not.

8.5 Theft

The renter is basically liable for theft, as it is in his power to secure and guard the rented object accordingly during the rental period. The rented objects are to be protected against theft with the security means provided. A theft must be reported immediately so that the report can be forwarded to the regulatory authority/police.

8.6 Loss of road bikes

In case of loss of road bikes used for day trips, the renter is liable for € 350.00.

8.7 Loss of offroad bikes

In the case of mountain bikes or trekking bikes, premium bikes, which are usually issued for multi-day tours, the customer is also liable for €350.00.

Should we grant you a discount on bicycles, the same regulation applies as in 8.6 or 8.7

It is not allowed to transport one or more additional person(s), e.g. on the luggage rack, overloading a bicycle or trailer, e.g. 3 children in a trailer for 2 children. It is not permissible to drive over obstacles, such as curbs, where the bicycle can obviously suffer damage. It is not permitted to misuse the rental objects (e.g. using a touring bike for downhill or jumping). The renter must move in accordance with the rules applicable in road traffic.

8.8 Mountainbikes

Additional conditions apply to the rental of mountain bikes. In principle, the rental company assumes no liability for property damage or personal injury suffered by the renter during off-road operation (due to the high material load and the higher risk of injury). In principle, the Lessee is liable for all damage caused to the rented property, with the exception of normal wear and tear, aging, fatigue. This also applies to consequential damages. For a mountain bike the renter has to pay a deposit. The mountain bike must be returned during opening hours, in deviation from other contractual regulations, so that it can be subjected to an inspection.

8.9 Road bicycles

In case of extreme soiling after mud rides, etc., the bike must be returned in a cleaned condition; otherwise, the lessor is entitled to demand a cleaning expense allowance of a maximum of EUR 10.00 € or to withhold it from the security deposit

9. Safety:

The instructions of the tour guides must be followed in your own interest and safety. If you have overestimated your physical and health fitness, you are entitled to cancel the tour at any time. The resulting costs for your return transport and the transport of the sports equipment will be charged to you. The tour guide has the right to change the route at any time due to bad weather conditions, bad condition of the trails or other adverse circumstances.

10. Accommodation: Guest House Burg & Bike

The guest accommodation contract is considered concluded when the vacation apartment has been ordered by the guest and confirmed by the landlord. For the confirmation, both the written and short-term oral form is binding. The guest accommodation contract obliges the guest and the landlord to comply and is concluded only between the landlord and the guest, as well as the persons accompanying him. Unauthorized accommodation of other overnight guests will be punished by termination without notice and 3 times the daily rent.

Upon arrival, the renter is required to fill out a registration form.

To be indicated:

  • Address of the renter
  • Number of persons
  • Arrival / Departure Date

The agreed rental amount is payable upon arrival.

Furthermore, a key deposit of € 20.00 per key must be paid. This will be refunded at departure upon return of the keys.

If keys are lost, we will charge the actual cost of replacement.

The availability of one of the apartments or double rooms can explicitly not be guaranteed. The renter is not entitled to a special vacation apartment or a special double room.

The renter is generally liable for all damages incurred in the rented property including the furnishings, such as TV, refrigerator, stove, etc. with the exception of normal wear and tear, aging or fatigue. As a rule, the guest’s liability insurance will cover this. The guest is liable for all persons accompanying him. If there is no liability insurance, the guest is personally responsible for the damage incurred. The owner must be notified immediately of any damage.

A right of inspection arises from the duty of cleaning assumed and may be exercised without direct notice.

You can take over the apartment on the day of arrival from 15:00 afternoon. Outside this time, arrival is possible by prior arrangement. On the day of departure we ask you to vacate the apartment by 10.00 morning. The day of arrival and departure count as one day when calculating the rent. The apartment is to be left tidy and swept clean. Cleaning equipment is available. We will do the final cleaning.

Burg & Bike assumes no liability for stolen items or clothing.

Young children are not allowed in the hallway without adult supervision. Furthermore, children are to be kept away from cleaning agents, dishes, etc. that are in the sink or in the apartment by the renter.

Any liability by Burg & Bike in case of lack of supervision of the renter towards minors is excluded.

Smoking in the apartment, or in the rooms is strictly forbidden and will be charged with 100,00 € for violations.

The rented property must be kept closed at all times.

11. Severability Clause:

Should one or more provisions of these GTC become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The invalid provision shall be replaced by a valid provision which comes as close as possible to the economic purpose pursued by the invalid provision.

12. Jurisdiction:

The traveler can sue the organizer only at its registered office (56112 Lahnstein, Germany). For lawsuits against the traveler, the seat of the traveler is decisive, unless: The action is directed against merchants or persons who have moved their place of residence abroad after conclusion of the contract. In such cases, the registered office of the organizer shall be decisive. 

With the signature, respectively with the takeover, the renter accepts the General Terms and Conditions of Burg & Bike.